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MIKE – Concrete

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MIKE – Concrete – Lyrics
It be peaks and declines you know how life get
You grinding for your piece of the pie as long as time stretch
Do I keep or divide, I ain’t decide yet
A diamond put a gleam in ya eye, you getting blinded
I’m pretty deep in the plot, a lot to digest
That grabba be what keeping me hot and prolly light head
My patna’ said don’t speak on the opps we rather digress
Or fighting with them demons a lot, we stand besides them
Fried grieving them losses and that surprise death
Promise that I’ll keep it alive, whatever mom meant
Sorry if I’m being obnoxious or kinda complex
Not too much speaking to God, I be inside stressed
Ain’t fly, I kept my feet on the block and watched the flock left
My pride in completing the job, I gotta drop next
That time I spent fiending for props, when it’s the process
I don’t be on the sides, I’m in the contest
Write what I seen, no facades, don’t need a concept
I don’t cheese for the bribe, I pree the nonsense
Took a while to believe in ya guy they needed context
Spiraling stink of demise I had to find depth
Dry with no means to decline but just a mic check
I ain’t got no means to decline, not in my prime yet
These niggas want a piece of the pie, can’t get a slice kid
Know that mama be in the skies like the comet
Lil mama think she sweeter than pie, can’t get a slice kid
Yeah I had tears in my eyes, I didn’t cry since
These niggas know I’m bleeding for mine, dying for nonsense
Nigga wanna creep in the lime, you ain’t blind yet
Surprised that I’m speaking in times, niggas is dying
The dark where the reaper reside, I’m getting fried with
I’m not who you think would abide Allah aligned with
I’m gone, when you sing Ima cry, you know how I get
I’m not Philippines but I’m fly, you know how I eyedress
The crease really be on my mind, you know when I stress
My brother really needed his mom, the love was timeless
Life gotta be a lil slime, the things that I get
Runnin’ through the pain it’s a’ight, ain’t really cry yet
Really hard to sleep so I’m fried, alone when I wept
These bitches wanna be on the side, I wasn’t hiding ’em
They know I can’t sleep unless I’m high, I’m tryna die lit
They know when I peep they ain’t sly, they can’t hide shit
Ride with the team ’til I die, I got my mindset
Looking at the gleam in the sky I ain’t blind yet
Niggas want a piece of the pie, can’t get a slice kid
I ain’t got no means to decline, what MIKE said
I ain’t got no means to decline
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