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Kanye West – Censori Overload

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Kanye West – Censori Overload – Lyrics

Waking up to
“I can’t do this anymore” text
And The Bible said
I can’t have anymore sex
Till marriage
no drip till Paris
And the meek shall flourish
So where is my aris
You wouldn’t understand
How thin this air is
Friends just staring
And everyone’s a Karen
When they claim they care and
Wasn’t given a fair hand
Getting calls from parents
God calls for prayer rants
Temptation at a mere glance
I forgot what fear is
I forgot what fear is
I forgot what fear is
Other than the fear off almighty yashua
Who knew ya
Before you knew who you was
Wear a Donda tee
For you respond to me
You know honestly
Yall all honor me
I know it’s ’cause the headlines
Why she wanna leave
You know I follow God
So you should follow me
I ain’t never rock with none of y’all no way
And I’m pulling up in that white OJ
And the watch filled up with Oshays
That’s Jackson ’cause it’s nasty
Tweeted deathcon
Now we past three
Tweeted deathcon
Now we past three


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