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HDBeenDope – 4WRD

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HDBeenDope – 4WRD – Lyrics
This shit is bigger than most seen
In it with no gimmicks
I am really what hope means
Niggas see us winning and think they need more rings
Niggas need more wings
First you gotta fly up out that mental coffin
I’d be lying saying I ain’t wanna fly up out my mental often
Still we triumph see me shining nigga I’m exhausted
Keep on grinding won’t be whining like the ones who lost it
Never been content with losses
Fu*ck you mean
L A B B we want everything
Wedding rings
Maybe not
Bae I’m off to better things
I’m just saying bet on you
You just saying bet on we
Don’t think that’s the better move I promise imma bet on me
I mеan it all
Cost to climb but it’s free to fall
I seen it all
In the 9 when the rеaper calls the reaper calls
What if the one who made the reaper call was one of your dawgs?
That made it hard to trust I’m sorry y’all
A hood baby
Hood gave me
Plenty ways to break me
Shit was shaky
Never did
I just wanna live
Gotta leave
Look at me
BeenDope overseas
The fee 100 Gs still the 9 is where my heart will be
I mean it
A lot done changed in a year
What comes with the stares
A lot of strange
A lot of weird
Everything you want don’t come with everything beware
You gon get the things you want just to still feel like you near
I’m so close
BeenDope baby I just give em hope
Even in my lowest lows I just give em quotes
Verses from an open soul
Use em just to cope
Those who know the verses know BeenDope give em smoke
It get em lifted
Don’t care what you do just make a difference
Lifted figures when I moved they made the rules we made em different (that’s true)
Made some tunes and made a living
Went 100 from the field the way I shoot I make em missing
These verses funded by the credit y’all never gave us
Whole lot of smiles lot of smiles but it’s made up
That’s the tribulations and the trails on your way up
Bet you wish you gave up
But no not us tho
The theme of 2023 is so what (so what)
And that just means by any means so what (so what)
They still sleeping on the dream so what (so what)
Nigga so what (so what)
Just wake em up
Word to Von this is global not local forreal
100 ways to kill the game and I’m holding the steel
100 ways to make a way and I’m holding the wheel
The world is yours go get everything you want (go get everything)
I look at life just like the first time off the runtz
You might get to live it twice but you only feel it once
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