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Freshy Kanal – Squid Game vs. MrBeast

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Freshy Kanal – Squid Game vs. MrBeast – Lyrics
Welcome to your final test, I’m MrBeast
We can scrap the ‘S’, cuz I’ve never missed a beat
You had to cut from honey under threat of a gun blast
When I had a cut from Honey that’s another check that I’m gonna cash
You’re coming last, Number 1 is Jimmy
Only dub you have is horribly written
You’re accomplished ‘cuz you fought the opposition and became the best
But the consequences that you’ve got to live with is you paved their deaths all to pay your debt
I applaud you Gi Hun
In the diss game you won’t get rich
I’m like your momma: I’m dead sick
Then check the gaming channel millions of children watch it
How’d you win all that Won kid, but not custody of one kid?
Did ya think you’d get her back with that lighter you bought her?
You’re playing tug-o-war with your ex, but the rope is your daughter
So stupid, Sang Woo showed you the light
You didn’t go to SNU, that’s right
If the task was last to get backstabbed by a pal
You wouldn’t make it through the night
When I feast I don’t need a suit and tie
Wrapping with gold like the food I try
Utter a word then you will die
Save those subs for PewDiePie
{Seong Gi-Hun}
So this is the next test they’ll make us fight in our survival?
But instead of a kiddie game, we’ll be playing this manchild?
Your career’s fragile like glass
I will smash you if you push me
Made your fortune from subscribers
Now give them their fucking cookies
You’ve done all this good, you fed lives in need right
‘Till they get by each time
Gave islands, sweet rides, let high trees thrive
Set headlines being nice when you spread vibes
Teens hype it and then buy MrBeast line
So you make ten times what you leave guys
Only ever “moving” when you’re in set sight
Of a keen child, like an anti red light green light
Don’t talk about loyalty, you don’t get any
You’re like “I Spent At Least Ten Thousand Dollars Renting People
Out To Pretend To Be Friends With Me”
I wondered why VIPs had to hide their face behind plastic
Now that I see this bastard I get what the point of the mask is
{MrBeast, **Karl Jacobs**}
I just replaced all of Gi-Hun’s surviving friends with Legos
**Uhm Jimmy, there aren’t any Legos**
For a ‘critique on greed’, it seems ironic
Your show sold out like it’s stock from bitch
{Seong Gi-Hun}
You spent 24 hours in a bunker, another 24 inside of a fake prison
And over 50 hours in a coffin could you do us all a big solid and stay in it
Spending a minute with the Jeff Bezos for daycare kiddies
Is a challenge that I couldn’t be paid to be in
You can’t make good lines I won’t stay within them
Like Jake the Viking, I’m straight up leaving
Let’s hope that you didn’t bet all of your money on winning this fight now
Cuz a lot like your job, if that happened you’re likely to die in my fire and strike out
Join Team Seas and clean that garbage past you deem so awful
You lost everything to a pensioner who lost his fucking marbles
{Front Man}
I make the calls in this torture ridden place
You only got balls in an Orbeez giveaway
It’s a real manhunt you don’t got the courage to beat me
Go hide in your nerdy Dream Streams
We’ve got more beef than your burger meat, Beast
Plotting more seeds in your girl than Team Trees
Pictured a world where equality rules
That’s not just a pic you can fly to the moon
Got no firepower against my roster
Don’t you “identify” as an attack helicopter
You said hi to your brother with a brand new channel
I said bye to my brother with a mag of ammo
Go cry to your momma in an ad to pack dough
You’d ditch your morals to put your hand on Lambos
Can’t handle the truth if you run out of money, you run out of your personality too
Out of 100% percent of your viewers, nobody watches your channel for you


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