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Armand Hammer – Microdose – Lyrics

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Armand Hammer – Microdose – Lyrics

[Verse 1: Elucid]
I was born in the year of this country’s last recorded lynching
My question is who stopped recording?
The great deceiver, name names, son of the morning, I’m drawn in
Haunt the logical, salute, spook you out your Yeezy Boosts, fuck that
How long we gotta wait till karma kick back
The same old, same old, the root’s not workin’, the root’s not workin’
But I’m still here to tell you so
Life is for the living
I’m the solution, I’m the condition, I’m a symptom, I’m a witness
First instance, seeing my soul above my bed hung suspended
And I knew I could have left here
That’s not a bad thing
Slept on the wet wear, they say the hex here
Near it by and by, it’s alright
There be a certain sensitivity
Niggas cast spells everyday B
Rip the veil of mystery, wait see, there’s a history
Twist the leaf, let the bush talk
Flame shaped pitchfork
I’m no man of the cloth, when the cannon went off
Heaviest cross to carry
They say one of the four horsemen was Iraqi
The people earn what they deserve
You are the beast you worship
I rose up on the third, planetary purge
Panic prone paralysis, evacuate
Raining chaos on your Calculus, name a date

[Verse 2: Quelle Chris]
I am not astounded, I am not surprised
I am not astounded, I am not surprised
I am not astounded, I am not surprised
I am not astounded, I am not surprised
There’s a power in the locks
Display the top, the cat piece
Still laughing at the fake woke who told me it wasn’t nappy, enough
Hand cuffing season is back, cousin
Watch out for law lovers and keep ya wrists buttered up
And slick, for the sly and the wicked
No houses dropped on witches, no blind justice
I wonder if Steve pondered the fuss over pet rocks and fidget spinners
House niggas still get field dinners, served
Ironic like Orenthal James with scurvy
That win ain’t got from the presence of rock legends you are not worthy
Darwinian pins destroy and rebuild it’s major key
So we clearinghouse for the shipping CDs out COD
Need a break? Take a knee
Need a skank? Break a rib
Word to G-O-D
Open your leg, set it free
I hope your mind don’t find it’s way back before you wise and break free
The road less traveled wasn’t graveled for safety
So when we move the plans he don’t go tattle to Jakes, please and thanks

[Verse 3: Billy Woods]
Cracks start to show, bleakest shadow
I’m from the dirt, Roland Garros that’s rich
For what it’s worth, gon need both those barrels, kid
Nextel chirp, my ancestors
You gon’ need more than bows and arrows, you dig? That’s my word
Can’t say anymore, probably said too much
This an open line, they retroactive with stuff
But if it was me, I’d probably kill the chief
Peace, don’t come cheap
Jacob Zuma at the computer still waters run deep
The boa blends when he reach for the machine
Sleight of hand just to rip the pockets out your jeans
Moms like, ‘what the hell happened to those dungarees?’
….but enough about me
Your intro’s too long, you ain’t Ghost and Rae
Charly Windgate in jail, you can’t just up and ride that wave
It’s like niggas skipped track nine on the purple tape
Chris like, ‘Woods, you overlookin the fact they got beats for days!’
I had to concede, the beats was indeed flames
Which only made it more of a shame

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