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Funny Birthday Wishes and Messages 

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Funny Birthday Wishes and Funny Messages images

I’d be a lot more excited about you turning one year older if I was in your will. Happy Birthday

1)Is it hot in here? Must be all the candles on your birthday cake.
2)I can only hope to be as great a woman as you one day. But, obviously with better clothes. Happy birthday!
3)How do two pickle friends celebrate each other? They relish their birthdays, of course.
4)Happy, Happy Birthday to the “she” to my “nanigans”!
5)Happy birthday to one of the only people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder..
6)Happy birthday to my ride or die! I can’t wait until we’re old enough to terrorize the nursing home together!
7)The secret to staying young is make-up—make-up an age, then stick with it.
8)Don’t think of them as gray hairs. Think of them as strands of birthday glitter growing out of your head.
9)I’ve already alerted the fire department, so go ahead and light the candles on your cake.
10)If anyone calls you old this birthday, don’t worry about it. Just hit him with your cane and throw your dentures at him.
11)Don’t think of it as aging, think of it as leveling up. Congratulations and here’s to a great year ahead!
12)Here’s to getting as lit as the candles on your cake today!
13)Birthdays are just like golf—if you don’t keep count it’s a lot more fun.
14)You might be prehistoric, but at least you’re not extinct!
15)The best part of being older is that you did most of your stupid stuff before social media. Cheers to another trip around the sun!
16)Happy beer-thday, bud.
17)Whatever you do, don’t let aging get you down. It’s way too hard to get back up again!
18)May all your birthday wishes come true —except for the illegal ones!
19)May you celebrate this birthday the way you celebrated the first one: naked and screaming.
20)Happy birthday to a dude who isn’t showing his age—or acting it, either.
21)What did the bald guy say when he got a comb for his birthday? Thanks, I’ll never part with it.
22)Older? For sure. Wiser? Not so much. Happy Birthday, bro!

23)You know you’ve hit middle age when your back is hairier than your head.
24)It’s your birthday! You’re now a year closer to being that old guy who yells at kids to get off his lawn.
25)Happy Birthday, old man. So glad you’re still alive and cake-ing!
26)Happy Birthday, big guy! Don’t forget to iron the wrinkles out of that birthday suit.
27)If it’s any consolation, in whiskey years you’re just getting tastier. Happy birthday!
28)Here’s to another year of questionable life decisions! Happy birthday, rock star!
29)Happy Birthday to someone who is comparable to fine wine and cheese. You just get better with age, lady!
30)Happy Birthday, queen! You definitely don’t look a day older than the age you tell people you are.

31)Age is just the number of years the world has been enjoying you.
33)Happy one year closer to retirement!
34)A true friend remembers your birthday, but not your age.
35)It’s better to be over the hill than under it.
36)Congratulations on being born a really long time ago.
37)Getting older is a piece of cake (and a few more candles).

38)It’s scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer.
39)You’re not old. You’re simply aged to perfection.
40)Another year older and one step closer to Velcro shoes!
41)What goes up but never comes down? Your age.
42)Congratulations on getting slightly older!

Happy Birthday, Thingking of you on your birthday, and wishing you all the best. I hope it is as fantastics as you are, you deserve the best and nothing less..
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