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What does the word eBirthday mean?

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What does the word eBirthday mean? , What are the e-birthday celebration options?

eBirthday” means “electronic birthday” in English. This term is often used to refer to birthday celebrations on digital platforms or the internet. Used to wish birthday wishes via electronic means such as email, social media messages or online cards.

Happy Birthday

eBirthday celebrations refer to birthday celebrations held on digital platforms or over the internet. Here are some suggestions for eBirthday celebrations:

Share a Thank You Message on Social Media:
If you use social media frequently, you can share a single message to thank everyone who wished you a happy birthday. For example:
“Thank you all for your well wishes! I’m having a great time!”
If you want to be more visible, you can take a photo with the birthday hat or cake and share it.

Write Personalized Replies:
Respond personally to people who write long and sincere birthday messages. Share an answer that is at least three sentences long.
Older relatives or friends who don’t use technology much are more likely to expect a personalized answer.

Give Short Replies to Other Posts (Optional):
You don’t have to answer everyone individually. However, if you want to spend a little more time, you can respond to posts briefly. For example, “Thanks for your consideration!” or “You made me very happy, thank you!” like.
Remember that this is just a fun approach and has no scientific basis. Everyone’s personality is different and the name is just one part.